A notice to my clients, 


Given the recent, and constantly evolving information regarding COVID-19 pandemic and advice from the scientific, healthcare community, and my state board, it is necessary that I temporarily suspend my massage therapy practice starting March 16th, 2020. Currently, I am a Phase 3 business in California and will not be opening for "months, not weeks" according to the state governing boards. Once, I receive approval from my state and local jurisdiction, I will then reevaluate how to safely open up my practice.


This was not a decision I made lightly, as I understand that many of you rely upon your sessions with me for your injury recovery and continued health. I appreciate your trust in me to aid you in your healing journey and look forward to working together towards your health goals again soon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions as we all navigate this together. 


With care, 

Lyssa Gettys Uchida


I am a certified MT, practicing in the Beach Cities of Los Angeles, specializing in clinical massage and manual therapies and focusing on sports and rehabilitative treatments. I have been professionally practicing for over eight years having studied at South Bay Massage College, Esalen Institute, Axis Evolving, The John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, Neuromuscular Therapy Center, and the Academy of Clinical Massage.

My goal is to help clients become attuned with their body both mentally and physically; to aid in alleviating soft tissue dysfunction, develop better posture symmetry, and work toward achieving more function and mobility. Treatments focus on targeting either acute or chronic muscular dysfunction and working to rehabilitate the soft tissues, as well as, help prevent injuries, formulate one’s body for athletic activity for optimal conditioning, maintenance care, and help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

I have been passionate about massage for most of my life, recognizing an intrinsic ability handed down from my grandfather and great-grandfather since I was the age of ten. Both grandparents were amateur massage therapists in the1930-50's in the Bay Area practicing on athletes and military personnel.  I am deeply proud of the innate skills from this lineage and honor the lessons of patience and communication with one’s body with each client I encounter. It is through their guidance and encouragement that I continue to further my education regularly in massage and manual techniques. 
Prior to choosing my career in Bodywork and Manual Therapies, I received a B.A. from CSUF in Women’s Studies and Human Services. I have always been an avid member in student body and human rights associations from elementary school to college.  These experiences enriched my character to be empathic, curious and epistemophilic in all matters of life. Should you happen to catch me in between treatments you may find me foam rolling (practicing what I preach), You Tubing a new video on body mechanics or food recipes, and or possibly snacking on a new grub I’ve whipped up from my YouTubing.

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies"

 ~Friedrich Nietzsche~